Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at World Martial Arts Academy USA


Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a successful New World adaptation of the venerable Japanese martial art. After starting and flourishing in Brazil, it has now made its way to Canada, where the style has found a new generation of students.

Closely related to judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu puts more focus on combat and sparring skills. However, it’s far more than just a style of self defense; it’s also a sport and a way of life. Practitioners can expect to enjoy improved physical health and confidence as they improve their skills through practice and discipline.

Much like its Japanese predecessors, this type of jiu-jitsu allows smaller individuals to best bigger opponents. This is one of the reasons that it is considered such a useful and versatile technique.

Those wanting to learn more about Brazilian jiu-jitsu can do so by attending classes at World Martial Arts Academy USA in Geneva, IL.


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